By Marshall Bird LL.B. LL.M. one of the best-known names in the field of Creative Business Financing and Business Startups both online and offline.

Selling To Customers in Your Local Area?

Here's How to Create
A Web Site That Actually Works
For Your Local Business

A recent study says that when people search online for a place to buy something, about one out of every four is looking for a local business they can buy the product from.

And with all the focus now on local searches, that figure is set to skyrocket.

Which means that no matter what business you're in, the best, smartest and cheapest way to do more business locally is with a Web site that's specially set up to get more business locally!

You Don't Just Want a Web Site

You want a Web site that works that pulls your potential customers in and convinces them that you're the place to get what they want.

It's not hard today to get a site up and running. Which is why there are so many sites. But creating a site THAT WORKS for your business requires some inside knowledge that is very hard to come by -

Which is why there are so many sites that don't work. As few as one in ten thousand - maybe only one in fifty thousand - is producing the results it should.

Bottom line: For your local business to really cash in on the opportunities the Internet offers you need a whole lot more than just a store-front (or an office-front) -

  • Unless you follow the right approach - from planning, designing, and setting up your site, to selecting the content, to marketing, maintaining and growing it - your Web site can't work.
Trouble is, getting it right can be tricky. And until now there really hasn't been anything tailored to the local business owner...

But now at last there is

Winning Business On the Web E Book A System for Making the Internet Work for Your Business, Whatever Your Business

The most comprehensive and powerful guide that covers all the bases and shows you exactly how to make the Internet work for your brick-and-mortar business.

Not another book about the Internet, but a complete course that deals with all the other things that owners of real-world businesses need to know and which ARE NOT covered in Internet books.

Your Site for Your Real-World
Business Has to be Different?

There are already hundreds of books and courses about the Internet. But here's what you need to understand -

Pretty much all of them focus on dot coms or direct selling online (where the whole transaction from sales-pitch to getting the money or order happens on the Web site).

  • But you can NOT hope to succeed by just following the same old stuff that appears in books and courses that are written for Internet-only operations.
If your brick-and-mortar business is to attract people from your local area and sell them (no matter where the actual transaction takes place) you need to follow specific directions that show how real-world businesses must set up their Web sites.

The way you use the Net is vastly DIFFERENT to an Internet-only operation. There are dozens of other (maybe better) ways to use your site to make money for your business as well as - or instead of - selling direct from the site.

And you need to know about them. Which is what the brand-new 2004 release of "Winning Business On the Web" is all about.

  • First Internet-only operations must complete everything online. But your site needs to be set up so that it gets a sale no matter where the sale takes place. And that's a whole different ballgame.
Maybe you can make sales online. But you also use your site to hook visitors and lead them to deal with you offline to complete the transaction.

Winning Business On the Web E Book A System for Making the Internet Work for Your Business, Whatever Your Business Some customers will go online to see what you have then visit your store and buy there. Others will order through your site and pick up their purchases from your business later.

  • Second, your local business can use the Web in many more ways: "Winning Business On the Web" has a checklist of 68 ways you could use to make money and save money.
From marketing, promoting or advertising your business, on through to extending your selling area and getting sales from additional products even if you are a service firm.

All For Less Than US$15

Winning Business On the Web is amazing value: 447 pages of vital informationfor under US$15! You get the complete program delivered to you in easy-to-read PDF format - and it's available NOW for immediate download.

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This winning system is specially developed for real-world businesses that are selling to local people -

You learn from an expert in business not just Internet business who has owned and run retail businesses and service businesses as well as Internet-based operations.

And its no-cost and low-cost strategies show you how to get maximum results on a shoestring budget - as you'd expect from the author: low-cash and no-cash expert, international lawyer Marshall Bird.

For details about the author of Winning Business on the Web click here

And Here's What Makes it Different

"Winning Business On the Web" shows exactly how to use the Net to skyrocket income from your real-world operation and serve your local customers better - but you?ll also learn the best ways to sell nationally and internationally.

This is the course that introduced the famed PAPA formula which helps you nail the four crucial points you must get right to make the Web work for your real-world business.

It's a complete system for creating exactly the right Web presence, with step-by-step instructions on everything from how to set the site up, to exactly what to put on it, and how to use it to cater to the people most likely to buy from you - whether the deal is done online or at your business.

There are 46 Sections packed with information, including

  • Exactly what you need to do and how to use the Web to sell more of your products to more customers
  • Winning Business on the Web E Book A System for Making the Internet Work for Your Business, Whatever Your Business - click image to enlarge

  • What specific content to use that will appeal to the kinds of visitors you want to pull into your business

  • How to get powerful free content that nobody else has and which will attract new visitors to your site

  • How to set up your homepage for maximum impact

  • 25 super-easy ways to get the edge over your competition - no matter how big they are

  • 198 powerful headline ideas you can use or adapt

  • Secrets to writing copy that sells for any type of business

  • The ways to present your content so that visitors are pulled from the opening page right through to the action page

  • Getting the look of the site right for your targets, how to lay out the pages and (if you already have a site) how to change and tweak things so that it produces optimum results

  • The 12-Step-Guide for identifying how to make your business work and stand out online without needing to know anything about technical things

  • The right ways to use email to multiply your profits and the easiest ways to capture addresses

  • Examples of what successful sites are doing that you can adapt and put to work

  • How to build trust into your site (potential customers won't act without it)

  • The right way to add more revenue streams to your existing business

  • After-sales follow-up techniques that produce more profit

  • How to find new business opportunities and establish profitable partnerships with other retailers or service providers
And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look here to see more of what's included

Winning Business On the Web Sets Out the System for Making
the Internet Work for Your Business - Whatever Your Business

The tactics and techniques you'll learn are essential for every business regardless of size. And they work whatever product or service you?re offering.

  • If you don't yet have a site, follow this System to set it up right.

  • If you are already on the Net, follow this System to make your site now produce the results you were hoping for - but aren't getting!
Winning Business On the Web is worth many times its price: But because it can be downloaded, the savings are passed on to you?

Which makes it amazing value: 447 pages of unique and vital information for only US$14.95! You get the complete Handbook delivered to you in easy-to-read PDF format - and it's available NOW for immediate download.

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